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Why Study
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The funeral service profession is unlike any other.  On one hand it is a business with merchandise being sold, and services being performed.   On the other hand, it is a profession similar to the law or medicine.   It is very doubtful that anyone could talk you into a funeral service career.  Those of us who practice the profession of funeral service have heard a “calling” similar to that of the ministry, priesthood, or other religious service to mankind.   Most of my students have thought about a career in funeral service in the past, but did not know where to begin.

Before beginning the study of funeral service there are several considerations for the student to observe.

  1. Do I want to get a license as a funeral director or embalmer, or would it be better to be an assistant for now?
  2. What does my state or country require for licensure?
  3. Do I want a career as a non-licensed professional? (2/3’s of all workers)
  4. Do I want to learn about the profession before committing to college?
  5. Do I want to work first, make sure this is for me, then go to college?
  6. Do I just want to learn the basics, then jump in later?

These six questions all lead to a path of learning that could last a lifetime.  Regardless which of the six questions best sums up your situation or desires the basic fact is that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”  The most important question for the student to ask at this point is “what is my first step,” how do I proceed with my education?

At this point we will assume that you know funeral service is the profession you wish to learn and practice.  You have had the calling and are now ready to proceed. Good news!!!   NAMS is here for you, it’s painless, inexpensive, and in a short time you’ll be an “insider.”

Let me explain what NAMS is and isn’t.  NAMS is not mortuary college!!!   You cannot take the home study course, complete it in 50 hours, then sit for state boards and get a license.  NAMS is not a replacement for nine months of classroom study and a year of internship (Usual license requirements in most states.).

NAMS is and always has been the fastest way to learn funeral service from one end to the other.   NAMS covers the same topics as mortuary college, but in a much less academic format.   If you can read at an 8th grade level, you can learn funeral service with the NAMS home study course.

Here is a list of typical NAMS student profiles (the kind of people who take this course):

  1. People wanting a career in funeral service without getting a license.
  2. People wanting a “second career” or a career change late in life.
  3. Funeral service workers wishing to further their careers.
  4. Funeral service workers wanting to expand their duties at work.
  5. Pre-need sales counselors wanting a better understanding.
  6. Allied field (cemetery, supply, coroners) wanting further study.
  7. Husbands and wives of licensed funeral directors.
  8. Grieving relatives looking for an understanding of death.
  9. Students ready to enroll in mortuary college with little or no background in funeral service. ( About 1/3 of our students are in this group.)

Many people write me asking specific questions about their state licensing laws.  The simple truth is that anyone wanting a career in funeral service must first understand the basic terminology, principles and practices of the industry.  At the National Academy of Mortuary Science we are 100% committed to teaching our students how to become successful in a career.  NAMS is career oriented, not license oriented.   Think of a NAMS graduate working under a funeral director the same way a nurse works under a physician.  NAMS graduates are CERTIFIED MORTUARY TECHNICIANS.  The school certifies a certain level of competence which the funeral industry has learned to rely on over the years.

Here are some facts that we are very proud of:

  1. 93% of all NAMS grads find work in a funeral home within 30 days.
  2. We have had over 3,000 graduates since our beginning in 1987.
  3. NAMS has graduates in all 50 states, plus 14 foreign countries.
  4. The tuition is in the lowest 5% of all home study school tuitions.
  5. This is the only program of it’s kind available.
  6. We are not “faceless”…indeed we publish our street address, have regular business hours, promptly answer emails and letters, And we have been at the same location, in a building we own, since 1992. You can rely on our promptness and honesty.
  7. If you are not 100% satisfied, ship materials back for a full refund.

I invite you to look around the site, and get to know us better.  Everyone is skeptical about sending money to a company on the web. (me included).

If you have a specific question, or need a little some special accommodations, drop me an email at  Every inquiry is Promptly answered.

Thanks for your interest in my program. Hopefully you will have a CMT designation after your name very soon.

Dr. Duke Kloss, PhD, LFD Director.

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